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Site-specific pricing

Our site-specific/spot data plans are based on the number of requests you make.

You can easily move between plans and payment tiers. Standard set of data returned on each API.

Three APIs available for hourly, three hourly or daily forecasts.

Free plan

Up to 360 calls per day.

Monthly subscription

Self-service plans with a recurring monthly subscription taken from your defined payment card.

Number of Calls (per day) Cost (£ per month)
900 £8.00
3,600 £30.00
18,000 £140.00
36,000 £240.00
72,000 £420.00

Note all prices are monthly and exclude any applicable local taxes (e.g. VAT @20% for UK customers)

Invoice plans - Enterprise tier

Exclusive plans, payable via invoice for large volume requirements can be arranged with our Data Provisioning team.

Please contact us to discuss