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Global spot data

Global Spot provides forecasts for specific locations for all available forecast ranges. By incorporating the latest observations, correcting the data to account for orography and coastal proximity, and combining all the available data from the different model configurations and runs, it provides a consistent, “most likely” forecast for over 5,000 sites globally. This makes optimum use of our gridded atmospheric models by incorporating deterministic and ensemble model data into a single feed.


  • Notes

    To access Global Spot data in GeoJSON format via API for a specific location, please provide the latitude–longitude coordinates, and you will receive hourly, three hourly, and daily weather forecast information.


    Global Spot offers site-specific forecasts for over 5,000 locations worldwide, including airports, major landmarks, and beaches.


    There is no option to subset the parameters for Global Spot. The hourly API returns 18 single-level parameters, the three hourly API returns 21 single-level parameters, and the daily API returns 41 single-level parameters.

    Time steps

    Choose from 3 options that provide:

    • - Hourly: 48 hours
    • - Three-hourly: 168 hours
    • - Daily: 7 days (one day past, six days future)

    Update frequency






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