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How to build your order

1. My subscriptions

Profile dropdown

First, you should log in to your Weather DataHub account, or, if you are visiting for the first time, register for a new account. In order to start creating an order, navigate to the ‘My subscriptions’ page. You should land here automatically when you log in.

2. Get started

Subscriptions page

From the ‘My subscriptions’ page, click the ‘Continue to data’ button under ‘Atmospheric’ to begin.

3. Models

Atmospheric model page

Explore our models on the product selection page for descriptions. When you have selected one of our models, simply click 'start a new order'.

4. Region

Region selection page

Customise your area by drawing a bounding box within its limits. This defines your region and updates the coordinates below the map. Adjust these coordinates for precision. You can also view the preset regions in the drop-down menu (availability varies by model).

Note that the UK model in Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection offers limited presets due to bounding box complexity. Many opt for the Equirectangular Latitude-Longitude projection for smoother integration with other models.

5. Single-level parameters

Single level parameters selection page

Our single-level parameters are organised into collapsible accordions, grouped by category. To expand your options, simply click the '+' next to a category.

From there, you can choose the parameters you need within each category. For more information visit our glossary page.

6. Multi-level parameters

Multi-level parameters selection page

Our models feature multi-level parameters across different levels:

Pressure (x33)
Height (x34)
Depth (x4)

To see more parameters, click 'expand view', or use the arrows to scroll horizontally. Access all levels by clicking 'show all' at the bottom of the checkbox table. We show popular levels initially, but all levels are available for expansion.

7. Time steps

Time step selection page

The available time steps vary based on your model choice. Use the frequency and range presets to select your required time steps. For ultimate flexibility, individually select valid time steps, allowing any combination you prefer.

Note that we do not currently consider the variable run lengths for model runs. If your selected time step is available for the model run it will be delivered.

8. Model run times

Model run times selection page

The option varies per model - you can choose from the run times on offer. To keep you informed we make sure to show you the forecast length for every run. Feel free to select one, several, or all runs according to your needs.

9. File delivery preferences

File delivery preference selection page

GRIB2 is flexible as a file format in that it can be split or combined as required. Within specific volume limits, you have the option to determine the level of granularity at which the files will be delivered.

Note that we cannot guarantee a specific preference.